Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dutch Offshore Wind Farm Doing Well

Shell reports that the first offshore wind farm in the Netherlands is performing well, and that it has had no lasting impacts on marine life. The release is particularly interesting because it briefly describes some of the measurement systems that have been used to better understand effects on seals, porpoises, birds, etc. The facility is called the Egmond aan Zee Offshore Wind Farm and its success is encouraging, because the world's offshore wind resource is very large and could supply a large percentage of the electricity used in heavily populated coastal areas.


KM said...

Isn't it a bit premature to call a facility that's been running only a few months a success? The success appears to be that it actually worked well for 3 months, so it was OK for the Prince or Orange to officially open it.

Tom Gray said...

Good point, you're probably right. In the long run, though, I don't think there is much question that offshore wind is going to be developed and to become a major energy source. Also, the Europeans have done some serious environmental studies of offshore wind, and it not only appears there are no significant problems, the impacts seem to be quite minimal.