Thursday, April 05, 2007

Planet Green Game

Starbucks and Global Green, a nonprofit supporting smart solutions to global warming, today announced the launch of Planet Green Game. From the press release: "Through the online game – located at – players can explore a virtual world and learn how everyday decisions by individuals, cities, schools and businesses can impact the climate and environment. The game offers real-world examples of how individuals can change their own behavior and also influence the actions of community, political and corporate leaders to engage in the effort to stop global warming."

Take a look at the entire press release for a detailed description of the game. I don't know when, if ever, I'll have the time to thoroughly check it out, but at first glance, it sounds fascinating. If you do look at it and are so inclined, let me know what you think.

(Later . . . )

But wait, there's more. The New York Times reported today that Discovery Communications, which operates the Discovery Channel, plans to start "a 24-hour channel focused on eco-friendly living, as part of a push into the rising environmental movement." By a remarkable coincidence(?), the new channel is part of a broader internal company program called . . . "PlanetGreen."

The following quote from David M. Zaslav, Discovery's chief executive, caught my eye: "To be able to rebrand an existing channel and launch with over 50 million homes in 2008 is a big statement [about] where the world is today. Five years ago, people would have said 'who are those lefties talking about green?' Today, green means responsible."


The Times also reported that retail behemoth Wal-Mart has begun the "personal sustainability project," an internal program for its employees: "Over the next two years, Wal-Mart will ask all employees to adopt a pledge to improve their bodies, their families or their planet." The retailer has been surprised to find a far higher number of its employees signing up for the voluntary program than expected in the first dozen states in which it has been tested. Read the full article here. (for one week)

As Robin, Batman's superfluous sidekick, would have put it, "Holy Green Planet!"

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