Monday, April 23, 2007

More Retailers Go for Green Power

Baltimore, Md., retailer bluehouse said April 19 that it is going carbon-neutral, purchasing wind power certificates from Wind Current, a Baltimore company that sells renewable energy certificates to mid-Atlantic homes and businesses. Also in Maryland, Fitzgerald Auto Malls is buying clean energy from wind power for its 12 dealerships in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Florida, according to the Chesapeake Climate Action Network.

Good to see more and more companies joining the green power bandwagon--those of us concerned about environmental and energy issues owe them all a vote of thanks. Meanwhile, I'm heading to Michigan this evening for meetings of the National Wind Coordinating Collaborative (NWCC), a multi-stakeholder group that seeks to promote dialogue about issues relating to wind development in the U.S., and the Michigan Sustainable Business Forum. The NWCC meeting will include a forum on "Wind Energy and Economic Development," something that should be of huge interest in Michigan, given the struggles that state has had with declining employment in the auto industry.



Anonymous said...

As the Community Outreach Coordinator at bluehouse, I couldn't be more pleased with our involvement with WindCurrent. Jim Maguire has been an absolute delight to work with, making our decision to off-set easy and inexpensive. Highly recommended to all businesses.

Tom Gray said...

Thanks, Amanda!--for your comment and for bluehouse's leadership in this very important area.