Monday, July 21, 2008

Al Gore's Renewable Energy Proposal

Investment banker Jerome a Paris has written an excellent analysis of Al Gore's proposal that the U.S. obtain all of its electricity from renewable or zero-carbon sources within 10 years. Check it out.


Saturday, July 19, 2008

End of the Walrus?

The polar bear makes a wonderful poster child, but the homely walrus is a remarkable and attractive creature also, writes Natalie Angier in the New York Times, and also apparently doomed by global warming. What a sad article.
Driving a Toyota Prius? Get Better Mileage

My daughter is home from college now, and has been driving our cars more. From her, we've learned that a Prius will get 5-10% better mileage (which seems huge to me) through the application of some simple techniques.

First is very slow starts--really easing off the line at traffic lights, as gently as possible. Second is easy going up hills--trying to accelerate as little as possible and even accepting some slowing if necessary (and possible).

The last fillups on our two Priuses revealed the following mpg: 2003 Prius, 57.6 mpg; 2005 Prius, 58.7 mpg. In the past, I've been getting (during the summer) about 52 mpg on the 2003 and about 50 on the 2005, so the difference is substantial.