Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wind Powering New York City?

Big press day yesterday at AWEA, with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg calling for Gotham to be powered by renewable energy, including wind. (The best headline I saw was in the New York Daily News: "Big Green Apple.")

The mayor deserves a big hand for recognizing the need (making a transition to renewable energy) and spotlighting it at an important location--a Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas with a number of dignitaries in attendance. New York is one of the untold stories of the U.S. wind boom, with several sizable wind farms opening upstate over the past few years. Currently, the Empire state ranks 9th in the nation in installed wind generating capacity, with a number of hard-pressed rural counties reaping the benefits in new jobs and tax revenue, and it has the resources, both onshore and offshore, to do much more.


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