Friday, August 08, 2008

Fact Check: Washington Post Plays Up Alleged Wind Flaws

A story by Anita Kumar for the Washington Post on wind power in Virginia plays up concerns, with this opening:
RICHMOND - Miles of mountain ridges hugging the state's western border could hold the key to Virginia's search for alternative energy sources.

That is where developers are looking to build more than 100 wind turbines taller than the Statue of Liberty, side by side, on 18 miles of the George Washington National Forest.

FreedomWorks, a company with projects in four states, wants to generate electricity for the power-hungry Washington area and beyond, despite concerns about disturbing wildlife, spoiling untouched lands, and creating noise and light pollution.

The story goes on to discuss environmental groups' worry about wind projects, while giving Virginia's current energy use this offhand mention:
More than half of Virginia's energy comes from coal, a third from nuclear and a small amount from gas, oil and other sources.

There is no mention of any environmental issues or concerns connected with coal or other energy sources--even though those issues dwarf the alleged problems with wind, and even though wind combats those problems, by reducing global warming pollution, air pollution, water pollution, water use for power generation, and more.

The Post is a great newspaper. It can do better.


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