Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Pro-Renewable Energy Group in New York

From New York comes this welcome announcement that a new grassroots advocacy group, the Renewable Energy Advocacy Coalition (REAC), is being formed in the Empire State.

The letter to the editor concerning REAC notes that media reports seem to over-emphasize opposition to wind projects:
Despite the focus of the recent Associated Press article that profiled New York's Maple Ridge Wind Farm as locally controversial, findings of the "First Annual Lewis County Survey of the Community," released in October 2007, showed that by a 4-1 margin, Lewis County residents believe that the "development of the Maple Ridge Wind Farm has had a positive effect on Lewis County." Furthermore, 77 percent of respondents supported expansion.

Controversy is always interesting, but it's good to know that the real story of wind power continues to be one of overwhelming support--especially when that support comes from locations where wind farms are already operating. As the letter adds,
In Madison County, N.Y., the Fenner Wind Farm is an object of community pride. Local residents created the Fenner Renewable Energy Education (FREE) Center there to educate their many visitors about the benefits of renewable energy technologies, including wind.


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