Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wind Power's Place in Maine

A thoughtful editorial in the Bangor Daily News concludes that there is a place for wind power in Maine, a state which has seen some heavy-duty siting battles recently. Though the newspaper shies away from saying more, instead passing the responsibility on to a blue-ribbon siting panel appointed recently by Gov. John Baldacci (D), it does a public service by pointing out that many other energy projects (including even solar panels!!) have drawn flak in the state. Even more welcome, however, would have been an effort to draw a more direct comparison between wind's modest environmental impacts (and substantial benefits) and those of other energy alternatives.

Intones the Daily News,
The governor’s task force will be most helpful if it can produce a plan for siting wind turbines for the largest energy gains with the least environmental harm.

Who could disagree with that? I question, though, whether any wind plan will really involve net environmental harm once the reduction of global warming and other pollution is weighed in the balance--which would seem to be the real issue.


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