Friday, June 15, 2007

Senate Republicans Block Renewable Energy

Senate Republicans have threatened to filibuster against the Bingaman Renewable Energy Standard amendment. With the polls showing very strong, indeed overwhelming, support for clean alternative energy sources and for action against global warming, it's hard to understand this position. Nearly half of all states (24) have similar renewable energy standards already, and some have even passed new laws increasing the percentages of renewable energy required.

The Bingaman Renewable Energy Standard would:

  • Reduce global warming pollution from electric power plants;
  • Create brand new manufacturing industries with thousands of new jobs;
  • Revitalize rural communities through the increased tax base and payments to landowners that wind and other renewable energy projects bring;
  • Help meet America's steadily growing electricity demand;
  • Save consumers more than $100 billion through 2026.

    If you support this first meaningful step to fight global warming, contact your Senator's office through the U.S. Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121 and let him/her know you support the Bingaman Renewable Energy Standard. Or go to

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