Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Religious Activist's Agenda Includes Wind

See Grist magazine for an interview with green religious leader Rabbi Warren G. Stone of Temple Emanuel in the Washington, D.C., suburbs. Rabbi Stone notes in part:

I am tremendously proud of the work that my congregation has done. To describe only some of what has been accomplished: Temple Emanuel has had many years of energy audits, we developed environmental policies passed by our board, added solar panels for our "Eternal Light," use wind power, and recycle. We have built with sustainable building materials, created energy-efficient zones, added a biblical garden, and built a symbolic and beautiful sanctuary based on the banyan tree. We have developed interfaith programs in the D.C. community, taken our students on trips to the Chesapeake, and involved them in numerous cleanups and other environmental projects. We have become a "zero carbon footprint" community as well.

Not a bad checklist for any religious community that wants to focus on stewardship of God's creation.


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